Journal Oral Tradition Studies

Journal Oral Tradition Studies is a journal in the core of oral traditions. This journal is under Postgraduate Literature, Faculty of Humanity, Andalas University, Indonesia cooperate with Asosiasi Tradisi Lisan (ATL) Sumatera Barat.  It aims to publish high-quality researches and outstanding creative works combining the broad fields of literature and linguistics on the same intellectual platform. Article contains field study, case study, library research, and others. The article must be relevant with current issues in the scope of oral traditions including study of language, linguistics, literary, and cultural values.

Those different segments that will be featured in each issue of Journal Oral Tradition Studies are: (i) critical writings on literary, cultural and linguistics studies, and (ii) creative writings that include works of prose fiction and selections of poetry.

Journal Oral Tradition Studies invites scholars and writers to submit high-quality written works presenting original researches with profound ideas and insightful thoughts that could potentially inaugurate avenues to new perspectives in the fields of language, literature and culture. They may be in the forms of critical examination of current theories in linguistics or literature, unification of two or more scholastic assumptions in these disciplines or production of any work that might fall under the segments previously mentioned. Journal Oral Tradition Studies is an internationally-refereed online journal that is published biannually in February and August.

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